WE ARE THRILLED TO INTRODUCE the latest advancement in remedial massage! *The large contoured SYNERGY STONES” are amazing! They bring customized pressure ‘hot stone massage’ to a whole new level! Smooth as silk, SYNERGY STONES cover a larger skin surface area, and convey more heat – more constantly and effectively – than conventional stones. Ultra-soothing deeply relaxing SYNERGY HOT STONE MASSAGES are our customer’s favorite – and ours too!


Clinic Bookings

Full Whole Body SYNERGY STONE Massage

Service Price
50 min $80
90 min $120

Heat Wave Add-on

Service Price
60 min $90
90 min $130

Mobile Massage (UnavaILABLE AT PRESENT)

Service Price


Select Jeff Murray Wilson as your Practitioner from your nearest clinic.


"I feel very, very good after Jeff’s massages. They are among the best massages I have ever had. Jeff worked on the ligaments, the muscles, the neck with the hot stones [SYNERGY STONES] with his strong hands. He worked in such a way that my arm and shoulder is free now. It was stuck for years and I had a lot of problems with it. I used to have 3 massages a week and one osteopathic adjustments just to go to work... I have had Thai massage, Deep Tissue massage . . . and have been to many, many massage therapists. I have had massages in five star hotels and every city I have been to. And Jeff is one of the best.  He has a healing touch, and that is important." - Dr. Joseph DaCruz, Wholistic Dentistry
"I am a massage therapist of 22 years experience. I’ve had a lot, a lot of massages  . . . Jeff is amazing, he gives a powerful very good massage. He knows what your body needs and knows what to fix. I really enjoy his massages." - Ting Zhan
"I went into see Jeff after 6 months without a proper massage. I could barely turn my head to one side and had plenty of pain in my upper back. After a one hour, remedial, hot stone treatment I was feeling remarkably better. Jeff knew exactly where the pain was and just how to sort it out for me. I left with full head range of motion too." - Brendan Daniel
“I’ve had a bad back for quite a long time and had massages before but could never seem to find a place that got the job done. After seeing Jeff I felt a lot better and was actually able to get through the week without being in anywhere near as much pain before. I’ve been going every week since and can’t believe I managed without it before. I’ve become a regular customer and I highly recommend 100 knots massage for anyone in need of a good massage!” – T.R.
“I went and had a massage with Jeff Murray for my upper body. Jeff’s pressure and contact is really good.” – Sunshine Coast Physiotherapist
“Fantastic, skilled, honest and genuinely excited to see you get better! This is how I’d describe Jeff Murray. I have suffered with a bad neck for longer than I can remember, I have visited so many Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths over the years, yet no one have managed to isolate and fix the problem in such a short space of time as Jeff . . . No X-rays, pillows or pills in sight or trying to lock me in to months and months of rehabilitation. In short I’d like to congratulate Jeff on being part of the 1% that can be classed as a master in his field.” – Lee Thompson
“With 20 years of getting massages after a car accident, I can easily say that Jeff is the best massage therapist I have ever had.  His skill, attention to detail and customer care ensures that the knots and soreness are completely removed.” – Chris C.
New Jeff Portrait

Jeff Murray Wilson

Ligament Tendon Therapist 
  • Over 10 Years Professional Experience
  • Remedial Massage Practitioner
  • Muscle Manipulation Specialist